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Wall Panel Systems – CRG

Transform ordinary wall surfaces into stunning show pieces with CRG wall panel systems. With availability of custom corner profiles and selection of hundreds of durable high-pressure laminate finishes, our wall panel system is a simple, cost 

Laminated Wall Panels: A Functional Way to Cover Old Wall

Here are just a few ways our laminated wall panels combine beauty and functionality: Flexible designs—You can A wall panel System Can Completely Cover Old Tile or wallpaperMay 17, 2016In "wall panel systems". Modular wall panels 

When You Need Extra Durability, Phenolic Wall Panels to the Rescue

Phenolic wall panels come in an endless assortment of design options, and these specially coated panels offer an extra layer of protection for your Standard High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) faced panels provide the perfect balance between aesthetics, durability, and ease of maintenance. Decorative Interior wall panels: How to Select the Right MaterialsDecember 8, 2015In "wall panel systems".

Wall Panel Systems: 4 Unique Options to Customize Your Interior

For example, we can blend wooden and metal elements, or TorZo™ and pressurized laminate, together for an eclectic design that will truly stand out. With wall panel systems from panel Specialists, the possibilities are endless. Contact us 

Four Design Options for Laminate Wall Panels - Panel Specialists, Inc.

When it comes to choosing laminate wall panels for your project, you have a number of options, from high pressure wall panel systems: 4 Unique Options to Customize Your InteriorNovember 16, 2016In "wall panel molding systems" 

Metal Laminate Panels - Panel Specialists, Inc.

Command attention with our interior metal laminate wall panel systems. Metal laminate panels fuse industrialism with sophistication to add a high-tech flair to any space. This bold look is well suited for areas requiring sleek sophistication.

Wilsonart International - Wall Panel Systems Inc. - Panel systems

We offer a complete panel system including shop drawings, panel fabrication, aluminum extrusion & installation support. for University of Alabama Plastic Laminate Sample · WPS Specifications for WILSONART INTERNATIONAL Laminate 

Laminated Wall Panels - Protean Construction Products

Protean laminated wall panels offer tremendous economy, aesthetic properties, and unmatched architectural durability and sustainability to your building project. We invite you to see the technical specs for our unique aluminum honeycomb 


Designer wall panelS MATERIAL LAMINATE from international manufacturers ✓ detailled info ✓ high-resolution images ✓ CADs ✓ catalogues ✓ find..

How to Create Eco-Friendly Wall Panel Systems for Your Building

If environmental stewardship is a priority, panel Specialists has the wall panel systems for you. With options in metal, high pressure laminate, wood veneer, resin and more, we have a system to meet every style and budget. We can even create 

Wall Panel Solutions - Laminex - Product Range Laminate Gloss

Create flow and unity in your interiors with wall panels that match and complement the joinery. Laminex has mounting solutions that make installation a breeze, so if you want wall-to-wall style with a minimum of fuss, look to Laminex for a 

3/8"-1" Recessed Reveal System - Wall Panel Systems Inc. - Panel

The Recessed Reveal system is the newest of our WPS systems. Instead of aluminum extrusions, this unique system typically uses the dense phenolic panels; however, any dense material can be used. and ¾” Wood and Laminate panels.

Multiply Your Design Options with Wall Panel Molding Systems

In addition to the thousands of finishes, veneers and laminate panel choices we offer, we also have a full selection of wall panel molding systems.

Custom Laminate Wall Panels Featuring School Mascots

to the halls of your school? Custom laminate wall panels look great despite daily abuse. 2016In "wall panel systems". Decorative Interior wall panels: How to Select the Right MaterialsDecember 8, 2015In "wall panel systems".

S&S Resources WPS Wall Panel Systems, Inc

Integrated wall system with phenolic, graphic or laminate panels. Many types of aluminum trims for accent and/or protection. Available in following materials: Solid Phenolic, High Pressure Laminate, Wood Veneers, Aluminum Metals, Stone 

Modular Wall Panels Give Designers Creative Freedom to Dream

Modular wall panels might sound limiting to an interior designer, but their versatility and ease of installation, can provide High Pressure Laminate panels & Metal Laminate panelsNovember 10, 2015In "High Pressure Laminate wall panels".

Resin Laminate Wall Panels - Panel Specialists, Inc.

As the pinnacle of three-dimensional texturing, our resin laminate wall panels offer beautiful and unique possibilities. By capturing natural materials, metallic foils and colored films in resin, surfaces are transformed with moments of visual 

Wall Panel Systems - Panel Specialists, Inc.

With PSI wall panel systems, the sky's the limit. Whether you're looking to make your walls a visual focal point of your space, creating murals with custom high-pressure laminate or seeking functionality and durability with our phenolic wall 

Laminated Wall Panel Systems - Protean Construction Products

Protean's rainscreen style or barrier wall panels in aluminum honeycomb & foam core laminated wall panels best for government, civic & educational buildings.

Custom Laminate Panels - Panel Specialists, Inc.

Our custom laminate panels and veneers are created just like our high-pressure laminate wall panels. We start with your design and embed the image layer behind a protective melamine finish layer, offering the same resistance to impact and 

High Pressure Laminates - Panel Specialists, Inc.

As the ultimate workhorse of the wall panel system family, our high-pressure laminate panels provide durability without sacrificing aesthetic integrity. These abuse-resistant HPL panel surfaces stand up to the wear and tear that comes with high 

Formica Corporation - Wall Panel Systems Inc. - Panel systems that

We offer a complete panel system including shop drawings, panel fabrication, aluminum extrusion & installation support. Formica Laminate Backing Sheets Technical Data · Formica Laminate Fire-Rated Laminate Technical Data · Formica 

Decorating With High Pressure Laminate Panels & Metal Laminate

Basically, anywhere there is potential for wall damage, our high pressure laminate panels are the right choice. wall panel systems: 4 Unique Options to Customize Your InteriorNovember 16, 2016In "wall panel molding systems". Decorative 

Laminate waterproof wall panels - Rearo

Laminate waterproof wall panels are the modern, grout-free, no mess alternative to tiling. Waterproof bathroom Shower panel systems from Rearo are an excellent alternative to tiling for bathrooms, shower walls and wet rooms.