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About Stretch Ceilings. High Tech Ceiling’s stretched ceilings are made from sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These vinyl sheets are an unbelievable .006 inches thin, but incredibly strong and durable.

50 Impressive bathroom ceiling design ideas – master bathroom

Bathroom ceiling design ideas can be a major highlight of the interior. PVC stretch ceiling are a good alternative to drywall,

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With stretch ceilings, that diversity grows substantially. These non-flammable PVC sheets are heated, stretched, and eventually supported by perimeter tracks.

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pvc stretch ceiling Switzerland. Download the catalogue and request prices of pvc wall fabric / stretch ceiling Barrisol effets matières stretch ceilings (Switzerland) More.

Cerutti ST XXL eco fabrics for ceilings, walls, greenbuilding etc

Large seamless coverings for decorating and renovating stretch ceilings, walls and blinds. Cerutti ST Located in Switzerland CeruttiST AG sells standard PVC

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stretch ceiling fabric | companies. Find and request a quote for stretch ceiling fabric from pvc stretch ceiling | pvc ceiling Austria and Switzerland. wlw has a qualified

HEUWAAGE (2016) Baal, Switzerland – NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling

HEUWAAGE, Baal, Switzerland (2016) Specifier: Fit & Wellness Concept GMBH / Architect Installer: GSP Spanndecken AG Project: 8 NEW/CLASSIC ceilings (approximately 10,490 square feet) using L401/Black lacquer membranes with wall ghost perimeter profiles and double ghost profiles as dividers.

Stretch ceiling, in PVC or in stretch Canvas - SWALDECO

Discover the stretch ceilings SWALtex and SWALline, with brilliant or matt effect, depending on your taste and your decoration.

PIAGET EXHIBIT (2018) Geneva, Switzerland – NEWMAT Stretch

Ceiling Technology at its Best! Switzerland (2018 using TX01/white translucent XTRA and T11/clear frosted membranes with wall ghost PVC perimeter

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Stretch Ceiling Step by Step CHF Switzerland Franc $ US orders please be sure that you are ordering 30mm more on each side for stretch the PVC

HARPA - Stretch Ceiling harpoon HF welder - YouTube

Stretch ceiling harpoon HF welder to complement the HF welding machine for stretch ceiling PVC Stretch ceilings HF welder assembly and

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Stretch ceiling price in Canada. by Gino Why is the price of stretch ceilings in Canada can vary from a fair price to double depending (based on PVC),

Stretch ceiling films from RENOLIT

Decorative stretch ceiling film from RENOLIT opens up new horizons in ceiling and wall design. It provides simple and attractive means creating stylish living and working areas in entrance halls, meeting rooms and sales premises.


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Stretch ceiling became a great trend in interior ceiling design. Find the best & unique stretch ceiling design from us. We supplies ceiling all over India