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Interlocking wood "bricks" that can assemble into a nail-and-glue

Even just using wood slats with a standard joist frame would be cheaper, stronger, and more environmentally beneficial. Still not the stupidest home building scheme I've encountered. so it's not like the company hasn't figured this out and implemented a solution (google translate from the french):.

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Passive houses built of Brikawood wood bricks typically consume 90% less heating energy than most existing buildings, Brikawood has been tested for regions with harsh or a southern climate, such as the zone between france, Norway and Reunion The construction process is a logical system of load-bearing walls, based on the assembly of stacked, interlocking wooden bricks without fastening.

These Houses Are Made Out Of Wooden LEGO-Like Bricks

17 Oct 2017 Meet Brikawood, the company making that dream a reality and transforming the modular home business. Brikawood creates wooden bricks that interlock to create walls. The French company sells studio kits, which send buyers all of the equipment necessary to build a small wooden studio in their 

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21 Feb 2018 With three sizes available, the patented system of building with interlocking wood bricks makes construction projects quick and easy to French construction company Brikawood has created a new building method that uses a single component – interlocking wooden bricks. For the largest construction projects, such as a home, the company recommends its largest brick, the 250.

How to Build a French Cleat Shelf to Hold Virtually Anything

9 Dec 2015 French cleats are often used to secure cabinets to walls, but can also be used to build modular shelves that can Attach two pieces of small plywood using wood screws to create your shelf and then attach the small cleat to 

Ditch your nail and hammer. Build your dream house in just 2 days

13 Mar 2017 'Brikawood' is shaped into boards and spacers that interlock to make building a house easy and fast. Ditch your nail and hammer. build your dream house in just 2 days using only wooden bricks. Share on Facebook.

Innovative 'Wooden Bricks' System Cuts Building Time to Just a Few

26 Jan 2018 Brikawood, is an innovative 'wooden Bricks' system that cuts building time to just a few days without the use of nails, Brikawood is an intuitive and logical construction system of wooden bricks that allows the rapid construction of an entire house without the spacers– which are assembled to the general frames of the building by interlocking, achieving total rigidity when News Videos ConstructionInnovationfranceConstruction SystemswoodMaterialsBrikawood.

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5 Oct 2013 NHK World J-Innovators Waste Timber Blocks build Houses. My wife and I are looking to build a wood house and would love to use this method but we can't find any information online about it. Could anyone point me in the 

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28 Oct 2016 The construction of a house has never looked so simple and fun. French startup Catharhome has developed an ecological and economical wooden brick named Brikawood. Situated in the .. build house without nails or screws thanks to Brikawood interlocking wooden bricks says: March 31, 2017 at 11:09 

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2 Feb 2016 French architecture firm Multipod Studio recently unveiled a prototype for the PopUp House, a customizable Each house is made from stacked recyclable wooden panels and insulation blocks, all held together with wood 

You can build this wooden cottage in two days without screws or nails

16 Mar 2017 Brikawood is a wooden brick system that interlocks to make building a house easy and fast. Constructed with interlocking wood boards and spaces only, not a single nail or screw is used. The French company behind the design created the ribbed boards and spacers to stack together so they create 

Interlocking wood "bricks" that can assemble into a nail-and-glue

16 Mar 2017 At last: an answer! Brikawood is a French company that makes a system of interlocking wooden blocks that can be assembled into structures ranging from modest (walls) and scaling up to full-on tiny houses. They claim to

Build house without nails or screws thanks to Brikawood interlocking

31 Mar 2017 French startup Catharhome has come up with Brikawood, Lego-inspired wooden bricks that interlock over each other with spacers and uses no nails and glue while building the house.

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The Brikawood wooden House building Bricks can be assembled into a house with no nails, screws or glue. They just stick together in an intricate but at the same time logical pattern. One wooden brick consists of four parts that by interlocking 

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26 Mar 2017 This is the Brikawood Studio Kit in france that allows you to build a 215 sq. ft. tiny house out of wooden bricks! No nails or screws. Check it out!

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Passive houses built of Brikawood wood bricks typically consume 90% less heating energy than most existing buildings, and 50% less than new Brikawood is a building system created with wood bricks that interlock - without nails or glue.

Brick 250 - Brikawood - La brique en bois qui se monte sans clou, ni

21 May 2017 Brikawood est spécialisée dans les études techniques et les produits innovants en matière de construction immobilière. a community, an investor, a housing promoter or an individual, the construction of a modular positive energy home is attractive, no matter which way you look at it. The brick (model 250 and 160) is made up of 4 wooden elements, assembled through interlocking.

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5 Jul 2014 Short and interesting video about modern and well insulated wooden house construction. Full works process starting with the foundation and all finishing works. I own photos but I don't own the music of this video.

Life-Sized Lincoln Logs: Wooden Bricks Make Building a House

Believe it or not, it's now possible to build a real, full-scale house in almost exactly the same way—no glue or nails required. Catharhome, a company based in toulouse, france, has created Brikawood: a system of interlocking wooden bricks 

Interlocking wood "bricks" that can assemble into a nail-and-glue

IIRC many old building and temples in Japan are built out of wood with no nails, and they are still standing.” There's also There is a lot of really old houses made of wood in france, even in more northern regions. Chalets in