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To obtain the highest quality and consistency from our patented formulas, AXION demands the highest quality ingredients. In order to AXION produces ECOTRAX® Composite Railroad ties (and other products) that are blended from a specific formulation of recycled plastic and The broken tie is also cross-sectioned within the rail seat area and the core and shell measured and photo-documented.

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Our rail ties patented technology mixes recycled landfill-bound plastic to create composite rail ties that far exceed industry standard wooded and concrete ties, because of our high consistency and structural integrity. The components of our 

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For a decade, processors have pursued the vision of a bonanza in HDPE composite railroad ties. Today, out of perhaps a dozen companies that won patents, ecology prizes, and trial orders for testing, only three firms have commercial production: Polywood Inc. in Edison, N.J.; Tie Tek Inc. in . GaMra will initially make structural profiles out of glass-filled PP and PVC for railings and window systems.

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Axion Structural Innovations's patented formula uses 100% recycled materials. Axion Structural Innovations - an engineered composite rail tie company - also manufactures and sells STRUXURE® Composite Infrastructure Products, a line of 

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At IntegriCo Composites, we're committed to building the rail future with the next generation of composite rail ties or “sleepers” made from landfill-bound recyclable plastics. Utilizing our unique patented processing technology, our railroad 

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Composite Railroad ties and plastic Railroad ties, made by Axion Structural Innovations, Inc. (ocbb:AXIH), are manufactured and AXION's cost-effective STRUXURE® Composite Building Products for Commercial Boardwalks are engineered using our patented formula – an Commercial Boardwalk components include: railing systems; Decking Boards – including Tongue & Groove sizes from 3″ 

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A concrete sleeper is a type of railway sleeper made out of steel reinforced concrete. Concrete sleepers. Concrete sleepers were used for the Monier designed a sleeper and obtained a patent for it, but it was not successful. Heavier rail sections and long welded rails were also being installed, requiring higher-quality sleepers. but these monoblock pot sleepers did not carry a gauge-tie at every position, such usually being placed every 3 or 4 pots or successively at rail joints.

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To increase the resistance of plastic and/or plastic composite railroad ties tosliding within the ballast of the railroad bed, Thus, for a typical railway wherein the distance (gauge) between the rails is 56.5 inches, the ties must be able to 

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King plastic Recyled Railroad ties by MARKSTAAR Intl. - called KING Recycled plastic Railroad ties - Distributed and sold by Markstaar. MARKSTAAR's KING manufacturing patented formula uses 100% recycled materials. KING plastic 

Entrepreneur Puts Mixed-Polymer Recycling On Track to Success

Polywood Inc. in Edison, N.J., uses mixed recycled plastics to make fiber-reinforced structural profiles for railroad ties, I-beams, and decks. Rutgers patented its immiscible polymer-blend extrusion process and tried to commercialize it in cooperation with a company that later When new wood ties are installed in a rail bed of crushed rock, trains passing over the ties press the ties into the rock, creating 

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Above: Railroad bridge built with ECOTRAX® Composite Railroad ties and STRUXURE® Composite Building Composite. Building Products are made with recycled plastic composites. Using our patented processes and formula, our . engineered design solutions, such as rail track, rail and tank bridges, pedestrian.

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IntegriCo's patented technology mixes recycled landfill-bound plastic to create composite railroad ties that far exceed industry Process Control (SPC) to ensure that quality is integrated into the design and process of all our composite rail ties.

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A pair of clamping rails preferably provides a complete clamping surface, lowers the required tie head height, and assists of pipes placed side by side in contact with each other by means of a flexible band having a single plastic locking barb.

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Noun 1. railroad tie - one of the cross braces that support the rails on a railway track; "the British call a railroad tie a of the engineered composite railroad tie, has released information regarding the environmental impact of its patented 

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In order to eliminate the ballast and thus reduce to some extent the tunnel size required for a given type of transit vehicle, the rails of some subway systems have been mounted on short sections of wood ties embedded in concrete. In these 

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With the patented formula, 85% of the inputs come from recycled materials — plastic, rubber from used tires and waste fiberglass — and are combined with various mineral fillers to create ties that are extremely strong, durable, 

AXION Sells ECOTRAX Rail Ties to Major Australian Rail Line

26 Nov 2013 ECOTRAX® composite rail ties are made from AXION's patented, 100%-recycled plastic formulation. Because they are inert, ECOTRAX® rail ties will not rot or absorb moisture, and they are impervious to insect infestation.

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29 Mar 2015 IntegriCo Composites chooses Louisiana for its booming plastic railroad tie business Recycled material is in big demand, whether it's RPET for packaging or polyethylene for decking, fencing and railing, or used as the The ties are formed through a patented proprietary form of compression molding.

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ECOTRAX® RAIL ties – More Info ties are of the highest quality, made using our patented formula – an industrial grade, Recycled Structural Composite (RSC). Produced from 100% recycled material, each mile of our ECOTRAX® ties keeps tons of plastic bottles and waste from Perfect for Switch ties, Turnouts, and Road Crossings, ECOTRAX® Composite Railroad ties are now available in a 

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B29B17/0042 Recovery of plastics or other constituents of waste material containing plastics by agglomeration or . The invention relates to railroad rail support systems, specifically railroad crossties or ties, and their method of manufacture.