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The experienced father and son team has been in the fiberglass industry for a combined total of 35 years; 11 of them running their own business. A registered boat builder, Poppy's Fibreglass also manufactures panels for busses, camper roofs 

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18 Oct 2011 /Installing-Removable-Cabin-Headliner-in-a-Boat-VideoInstalling Removable Cabin Each panel is covered with Naugasoft vinyl and then secured to the furing strip with Velcro for easy removal and 

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DuFLEX is ideal in lightweight boat construction and as an innovative alternative for architectural panel applications. or cross-linked foam cores, laminated with a high performance epoxy resin and reinforced with multi-axial E-fibreglass.

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This page outlines basic processes to repair and re-coat a houseboat roof or other fiberglass type rooftop which may be used as a walking surface. We welcome your ideas and solutions too. Also see our roof Repair and Deck Coatings pages 

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but the white panels inbetween the studs are looking bad, any ideas of how to replace the white, it looks like the white board was put on the top before . the roof is made of 2 layers of 3/4" plywood and covered in fiberglass.

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houseboat Parts and Accessories with Information, Reviews and a Buyers Guide to help with your next House Boat Where to find any exterior fiberglass houseboat bars for roof decks on house boats? . When it comes to houseboat electrical power distribution, there's a big AC/DC circuit breaker panel on our Sumerset 

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21 Mar 2007 i have a boat I am looking to buy that has a crack in the hull from hitting something but way above water line, and surface cracks, they said If there are black scratches on my boat (cosmetic repair), can I use gel coat?  Repairing Hundreds Of fiberglass Cracks To Get Ready For Spraying Awlgrip Paint!

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Bars, houseboat fiberglass accessories: Where to find any exterior fiberglass houseboat bars for roof decks on house boats? It would be a really great addition for entertaining guests and friends.

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fiberglass houseboat Flybridges - accessories like fly bridges, slides, bars, arches, hard tops. Driving from the upper roof deck (flybridge) is one of boating's great moments, as the view/perspective is incredible. Now when it comes to 

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Made in Germany with FRP RexWall panel`s or alternativ with wood frame construction ! Available from Our FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic houseboat hull can float year-round in the water! An incredible amount of storage space offer our 10 roof boxes and also serve as a large sun deck lying surface of the houseboat:.

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I am in the beginning stages of designing a 58' L x 12' 6" W pontoon houseboat to cruise the inland towards would be polyester roof fabric/epoxy or fiberglass/epoxy encapsulated marine grade plywood or MDO panels on a 

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Many houseboats were built with ceiling panels that measure 4' X 12' with a nailing slot every 16 inches. They were used by many My boat had a roof leak and I would like to replace the ceiling with period correct materials. I have included a 

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houseboat Construction Comparison Worksheet. Sailabration roof Joist. 2X8. Upper Deck Material. 3/4" AC Fir Plywood. roof Coating. 2 Layer fiberglass (1.5OZ Mat), Two Layers Gelcoat. Insulation 1/4" Real Wood panels. Various 

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19 Aug 2013 Here is a link to the public forum topic: /13496/building-a-solar-electric-houseboat/msg360011/#new Hi everyone, I am presently build

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Build a houseboat Stardust Cruisers is the oldest houseboat company in the industry. houseboat fiberglass roof Top Edge Options by Stardust . We also offer a smooth high-gloss fiberglass panel made in house as an upgrade.

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Your houseboat's exterior walls are constructed of FRP (fiberglass reinforced panels); these permanently finished panels are This allows water to seep into the roof structure and like in the before-mentioned example, freeze in cold weather 

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Find and fix houseboat roof leaks, and do I rebuild, repair, or replace the complete surface? If you're not overly handy with tools and fiberglass, you may find that other boaters in your marina maybe be able to guide you First I have never done this kind of work befor. the prep is completed all new plywood sheeting.

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I'm building a houseboat, and am looking at my choices for exterior materials, like composite panels for the walls or roof? are using fiberglass, aluminum, PVDF, polyethylene, polyester, or synthetic based panels for walls and roofs.

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9 Nov 2013 In this informative RV 101® how to video Mark Polk with RV Education 101® demonstrates how to coat a fiberglass RV roof using Dicor's fiberglass roof Coating

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11 Sep 2008 This video segment will show you how to do a simple fiberglass repair. So 18-20 mils is 18-20 thousandths of an inch, about the thickness of 4 sheets of paper.  That depends on what the surface of your boat is.

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We put Greenwood XL treated boat panels on our roof, and then painted it with nonslip deck paint. It hasn't worked out well at all, so now I wonder, can I do the epoxy-fiberglass stuff on top of the plywood-cracked paint that's 

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24 Feb 2013 This first video is the launch for our gelcoat and fiberglass repair series! In the following episodes we'll cover everything f

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What my friends and myself have found that aluminum composite panels make the best wall and roof materials. I've cut the old fiberglass roof off a houseboat and installed an aluminum composite roof in it's place and it was great, since it