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Gentas phenolic, composite, or laminate is an exterior panel that is strong, durable and aesthetic. HPL for exterior uses is standardized by EN 438 in the following sections. KIWA a firm in the Netherlands, has provided testing and certifies 

Exterior Laminates, Exterior Grade Laminates

At Durianlam we offer wide range of exterior grade laminates to all of our customer. Chalk board Laminates, Post forming Laminates, Digital Printed Laminates, Screen Printed Laminates, exterior Grade Laminates DURIAN exterior Compact Grade Laminate (ECGL) is a self-supporting HPL (High Pressure Laminates) which has excellent stability . Always use sharp saw blades made of hard metal.

Process & Products - Pre-laminated Interior Grade MDF

Pre-laminated Interior Grade DURATUFF-MDF is branded as LAMINA. It is available in variants of One Side Laminated (OSL) and Both Side Laminated (BSL). LAMINA is made from the finest quality MDF boards, which are laminated with MF 

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8 Feb 2012 Learn to laminate like a pro and save yourself some cash. Laminate is a super versatile material and knowing how to use it is a great skill to have. There are three basic steps to laminating a counter top: Measuring and cutting 


formica Brand Laminate is designed for interior use only. Do not adhere directly to plaster, drywall (gypsum board), or concrete. Do not use in areas exposed to temperatures exceeding 275°F. (135°C) or for exterior applications. When using 

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0773-2308-MTDC: Fiberboard and Plywood - USDA Forest Service

15 Oct 2016 Eventually, processes were developed to cover the panels with wood veneer or plastic laminate. Because . Touted as an insulation and structural board for interior and exterior use, it was available as smooth, striated, 

White Wood™ - Smooth Vinyl Face Laminated to Exterior Grade

WhiteWood sign panels feature a smooth vinyl face laminated to exterior grade substrate. Standard sign Apply Nudo cap to edge of board starting at corner and working outward. Note: Nudo Vinyl and Failure to use Nudo Vinyl Cap and 100% silicone sealant on "straight" sign edges will void panel warranty. Check with 

Laminated Boards KLEIBERIT Holz / Möbel

Laminated boards. By assembling individual solid wood sheets (lamellae), panels with a wide variety of dimensions can be produced using, if required, countless different types of wood. These laminated boards can be used for stair 

Process & Products - Pre-laminated Exterior Grade MDF

Pre-laminated exterior Grade DURATUFF-MDF is branded as LAMINEX. It is available in variants of One Side Laminated (OSL) and Both Side Laminated (BSL). LAMINEX is made from the finest quality MDF boards, which are laminated with 


FunderMax uses Cookies to offer you the best possible service. By using our website you consent to our use of cookies. I agree. About FunderMax · Quality policy · Locations · Member of Constantia Industries . exterior range of decors. more 

Why Use Bison Panel? - NCL Industries

Bison Panel is a cement bonded particle board that is fire, weather, & termite resistant a good sound insulating material of applications, both for interiors & exterior use. Bison is available in a laminated version under the brand - Bison Lam.

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OSB (oriented strand board) is a water-resistant, cut size panel ideal for interior use and general exterior applications. MDF Sheets Wickes Timberboard is a laminated board ideal for shelving and general purpose applications. Chipboard 

Exterior Laminate - Compact Laminate Wilsonart Thailand

Wilsonart® Laminate for exteriors - Solid Phenolic Core (SPC) Panel is produced for exterior use, self supporting, Impact and fracture-proof.

Formica Products laminate sheets

formica laminate sheets are available in a variety of surface textures and finishes for a number of uses, such as formica Solid phenolic, engineered exterior façade panels; Decorative surface on both sides; Weather and UV resistance.

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for outdoor use, we offer a thicker HPL Compact, which is designed and tested to withstand the combined effects of UV radiation and weather conditions. A backing sheet of the same weight as the laminate should be used to balance the assembly and prevent warping. . faced board; Polyform® - Worktop; Reysitop - High Resistance through-colour core Compact; Polyrey Façades® - exterior Compact 

Bison Panel Product Range - NCL Industries

Bison Lam - Laminated Bison boards available in a range of textures on both faces. IV. Bison Planks - A ready-to-use designer board that is available in plank size & comes coated with a cement primer on all six sides. All Bison products follow 

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for example, laminate panels (HPL - High Pressure Laminates) from FunderMax. The material, manufactured in sophisticated technological processes, puts up with almost anything and will adapt to a wealth of uses. This makes it the first 

Particle Board Pre Laminated and Plain Particle Board

Pre Laminated and Plain Particle boards are a relatively new type of engineered wood product. Action Tesa first time Grade Type : Available in both Grade 2 (Interior Grade) & Grade 1 (exterior Grade) We also produce in E0, E1 & E2 Grade.

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What is the recommended thickness of the board for interior & exterior applications? Moisture When we laminate one side of the board & leave the other side, would it cause an imbalance in the moisture content of the board? How to 

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Niagara has developed a selection of building and finishing products using solid or finger jointed timber the range includes timber weatherboards and components as well as laminated posts, mouldings, fascia, dressed boards and door 

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High Pressure Laminate Bonded Board, MDF and HDF Boards

High Pressure Laminate Bonded board are suitable for both horizontal applications (worktops) and vertical applications (wall panelling). strength, durability and hygiene. Ready to use, it is a time saving solution, with exceptional finish.