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Automatic Straw board production line (PLC controlled ) with annual

29 May 2013 And our company is the first to research and produce wood-based panels in this district. Also particleboard diamond roller forming machine, MDF forming machine, MDF preforming press, fiber dryer and gum making device.

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5 Oct 2015 (LT) Statykite iš šiaudų skydų! Kiekvienas paaukotas € sumažina 2t CO2. Padėkite sukelti perversmą statybos pramonėje! Vidutiniškai šiaudų skydų namas (140 m

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straw panels. ECOCOCON is a producer of prefabricated straw panels that are revolutionising eco-building in the 21st century. Combined with an interior clay plaster, and an exterior layer of wood fibre boards, we provide a complete modular 

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20 Oct 2012 I have some photos of straw board it has paper on the sides and you can see straw clearly, so at the moment I can I have also heard that asbestos lining or insulation is sometimes installed above or below the Stramit boards 

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Ekopanely boards are ecological and vapour permeable construction panels. They are pressed at high temperatures and under high pressure to create a core of compressed straw using no bonding agents and enclosed using recycled 

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24 Mar 2014 How to make a straw house - Duration: 1:46. Finlay White 4,037 views · 1:46 · Ecococon panels burning - Duration: 3:26. Ecococon 8,835 views · 3:26. straw bale walls(time to cut) - Duration: 2:31. Zygimantas Losys 1,031 

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17 May 2010 How It's Made - OSB Wood panels in Inverness, Scotland - Duration: 3:07. Norbord Europe Ltd. 694,403 Relatively loose soft straw boards / straw house insulation material - Duration: 6:34. Chuiming Meng 5,948 views.

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31 Oct 2013 this is new technology of board with material of rice straw, etc. Qingdao Yuanping Machinery Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of veneer and plywood machinery

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There is a long history of built straw bale homes in the USA and Europe, with some houses have taken up this path to create low-tech shelters, but construction is of pre-produced straw panels of high precision and quality made from round.

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13 Feb 2013 Ecococon straw panel presentation EN . mesh and plastering with mortar (not cob) - anti-condensation like Tyvek - fiber cement panels attached to timber I imagine it would be, if you were to cover the panels with cob.

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19 Aug 2013 modcell - Video shows how ModCell assembles their pre-fabricated straw bale panels. The panels offer excellent thermal values, thereby reducing energy bills, excellent resistance to fire, quick to install. They can 

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7 Feb 2016 straw panels delivered to and erected on site. ModCell panels can exceed local insulation requirements by three times and meet PassivHaus . need support to set-up plant and machinery for making board using straw.

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10 Aug 2012 Ecococon is an inavative company using their patented straw panels for house construction. It is ecological, economical and convenient. Client: ecococon.

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7 Apr 2015 The BBC's Newsround team learn all about the ModCell prefabricated straw bale panel system. They find out just how energy efficient and sustainable they are

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20 May 2012 This animation was created in 2001 by the creator of INNER LEAF for White Design Associates, an award winning architectural practice based in the UK. This was a prototype idea, based on a real life prototype of a straw 

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30 Aug 2011 In 2010, Chris Magwood and the students of Fleming College's Sustainable Building program used prefabricated straw bale wall panels to build a home for Habit

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making products for a healthy, environmentally sound future. In 2009, Novofibre produced the world's first Oriented Structural straw Board (OSSB) using only high-quality straw fibre and formaldehyde-free p-MDI adhesive. Novofibre OSSB 

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are prefabricated the normal risks associated with straw bale construction (fire, straw getting wet during construction, unfamiliar found to make the greatest difference on the overall stiffness of the panels. Gusset plate and glued and screwed 

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The material is extruded (compressed at high temperature) wheat straw 98%, glue 0,5% and covering paper is recycled kraft The client, while making the house frame had forgotten about the diagonals of the house or just didn't know the 

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28 Sep 2015 The goal is to organize mass-production of straw panels - a buil Crowdfunding: Ecococon straw panels production share with friends and colleagues, and make your contribution - various rewards are offered in return!

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28 Jun 2013 straw panels straw panels are ready-made sections of straw wall. They are made of straw bundles enclosed by wooden frames. Video production: Stud

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20 Oct 2012 We have just striped this from a garage roof, as you can see this is compressed straw with some sort of paper on both sides, we have now replaced this with O

How to build a straw house using modcell prefabricated method

25 Feb 2014 A simple video showing you how you can build your own straw bale house. feat. 3 little pigs and 1 bad wolf Special thanks to music by : https://youtube.c


straw is one of the oldest building materials known to mankind since old times was present as fiber in bricks and clay walls. The straw bale appears mid-nineteenth century with the invention of mechanization needed to create compact blocks 

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9 Oct 2011 This is Eco Materials video 6,strawboard from Stramit by Tristan Titeux 2011. straw has been used to make buildings forever, it has been used to make roofs, walls mixed with mud, 

ModCell - Sustainable pre-fab Straw Bale Panel Construction

ModCell is one of the first products to make large-scale, carbon-negative building a commercial reality. The ModCell system utilises the excellent thermal properties.

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10 Dec 2011 And our company is the first to research and produce wood-based panels in this district. Also particleboard diamond roller forming machine, MDF forming machine, MDF preforming press, fiber dryer and gum making device.